Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Oh the Warmth

Yes, we are actually experiencing a reprieve from Old Man Winter with a few days of sunshine and warmth in Boulder...much to the liking of most athletes in these parts. Word on the street has another cold front bringing snow on Friday which makes sense since just about all the storms we have had showed their faces for the weekends.

I leave Thursday for our Jelly Belly Team Sport Beans/NTTC team camp in Fairfield, CA. It runs through Sunday and I am psyched to meet my teammates, our team director and the good peeps at Jelly Belly. Training will be a bit limited with morning swims and runs as our schedule for the weekend is tight with photo shoots, media, nutrition seminar and most importantly a tour of the Jelly Belly campus and plant. I return to Denver Sunday and then catch a connecting flight to Austin where I will be through the end of the month. It will be great to get in some solid rides and runs outdoors with some of the crew in Austin. I am super stoked to spend some time with Terra (www.terracastro.blogspot.com) and Zane (www.zanecastro.blogspot.com). They are awesome and we will for sure have some good laughs in throwing down the smack. If my camera can drop its attitude I hope to post some pics.

Suggested reading: The Way to Love by Anthony DeMello. Incredible, easy-to-read book which will challenge you to grow and gain a true sense of what love is all about. Without too many details it does not simply address love in romantic terms. Rather, it sheds insight as to how our attachments (fears, needs, desires for people & things) ultimately blind our vision and limit our life experience. Anyway, it is really a great daily read with very short chapters.

Keep it smooth...

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