Friday, April 23, 2010

Overtraining & Fatigue

Mark VanAkkeren has perhpas the most lethal swim-bike combination I have seen in the sport of triathlon. In 2010 he will be allowing his body to rest, recover & heal from a series of events which has left him with an empty tank. I am confident you will see Mark make a strong return to triathlon. Check out his blog for a VERY transparent read into the world of chronic fatigue & adrenal stress syndrome.

Keep it smooth...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Random Pics - Superfrog Race Weekend

receiving my award from Moki (Race Director) & commander - aka Maverick
trying to find some good lines on the run

heading out on the bike - loving my new PHX from Valdora

and we're off through the surf - this breaker was mini

Q&A pre-race

enjoying post-race with Mike, one of my athletes (PRd over 15' on his race)
Me and my buddies/athletes post-race - am I really that short??

National cemetery overlooking the bay

Bob Hope tribute to sailors - includes audio of his shows

iconic statue of sailor kissing lady in NYC after war

Dad & I standing in front of USS Midway
Mom & Dad in front of USS Midway memorial

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Coach Jimmy V - link is now working

Coach Jim Valvano was a great man of character, integrity & humor. Check out his speech from the 1993 ESPYs - classis stuff -

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Superfrog Half IM

This race presented some interesting dynamics with lots of rough surf on the swim, wind on the bike and sand for the run. What more would you expect from an event hosted by the U.S. Navy Seals! It was a stellar race weekend sharing the experience with my parents, two athletes I am coaching and several friends who were also racing. The weather throughout the weekend was pretty decent with warmer temps and sunshine compared to previous races I've done held north up in Oceanside. The weekend presented several "firsts" for me:

a. Friday morning I was throttled awake at 2am by an earthquake. At first I thought I was dreaming, but as my bed shook I realized it was no dream. Bed surfing is kind of fun.

b. My accommodations for the weekend included a very comfortable stay at the stylish Paradise Village, a senior retirement community owned & operated by one of my athletes who was also racing the Superfrog. Needless to say it was QUIET and conducive to race prep.

c. During the second loop of the swim I got pummeled by a wave which had me doing cartwheels underwater as I made my way to shore. By far the most effective nasal saline flush I have experienced.

d. I had the pleasure of receiving my award and shaking hands with one of the U.S. Naval Commanders. Think Maverick from Top Gun in his Navy whites and dark sunglasses.

The race itself was a treat with the challenging conditions over the spectator-friendly course (2 loops on the swim, 4 loops on the bike & 2 loops on the run). Upon finding my bearings after the encounter with The Wave, I exited T1 in fourth position and about two minutes down from the race leaders. The bike was pretty straight forward with four loops along the Strand running paralell to the beach. The winds picked up with each loop as did the gap between me and the guys up front with Lars Finanger & Jonas Colting building a huge lead. I was able to maintain a steady effort and rode the second lap with a guy who eventually rode from 6th into 3rd. Towards the end of the bike I was caught by Ryan Cain (Canada) and stayed with him into transition. Coming off the bike I found myself in 6th position and was focused on pushing my pace on the run. It took a good two miles to get a feel for how best to negotiate the sand. By the end of the first loop I had worked my way into 3rd position. My legs were feeling pretty decent and I continued to try and push myself through the tricky sand portions and the final loop.

Crossing the line third overall in 4:15 I was pleased with my effort on the day and grateful for the gift of good health! It was a hoot to see my friends and athletes racing throughout the day. Congrats to Jonas & Lars for putting on a clinic as well as women's champion Angela Naeth.

I would like to thank my sponsors for their continued support as I look ahead to Wildflower.

Keep it smooth,