Sunday, November 26, 2006

Oh the Pain

Friday I returned to the weight room for a new strength training block. Today I swam masters with the usual sharks...Simon, Dave S., Wolfgang and many more. It was great to be in the mix with a group practice after the drill work I've been doing on my own. As much as I love the weight room, it's always a little rough the first couple of days with tweaks here and there. It has also reminded me how unflexible I am, especially in the water. Plan to hit a "gentle" yoga class twice a week to help loosen things. Day two of the new strength routine is later today. Hopefully I won't wake tomorrow all seized up!

Looking ahead, this is a busy week...swim video analysis, speaking engagement Thursday at CSU, hosting a holiday party with friends on Saturday...if I get my new digital camera working I'll try and post some pics from the party on my website.

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Keep it smooth...

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Yesterday I met with my new wetsuit sponsor LAMAR Health, Fitness & Sports to try on a couple of suits. Having never met the crew at LAMAR in person I was looking forward to the meeting and getting in my new suit. My contact, Paul, was great and had a couple of O2 Flow Razor suits fresh from the warehouse and still boxed for me to try. The first one looked a bit small and as I was wriggling my body into it I thought, "No, this is not going to work...." ripppp. Yep, I ruined it. Now remember, this was my first interaction with the good people at LAMAR and I just trashed a $500 wetsuit. Complete jackass. Yes, that is exactly how I felt. Paul was totally cool with things and even let me try on the other suit. It too was too small and I am going back next week to get it right!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Loving the down time!

I'm feeling a bit thick these days, but it's all good! I've totally enjoyed the last two weeks of no training and look forward to getting back to things this week. Last week I was in Michigan for some speaking engagements. It was great to see some of my family and focus on my other passion...talking to young people about dating, love and relationships :) One of my talks took place at my old high school which was a bit surreal.

Yesterday I picked up my tennis racket and hit with my friend Erin. I think it has been at least four years since I swung that bad boy and it wasn't as ugly as I thought it would be. Me and my friends are getting stoked for the snow and skate skiiing!! Training-wise, I'll be back in the weightroom for a strength training cycle starting tomorrow. My focus with the swim through December is all about technique. I'm meeting with super star swim coach Wolfgang Dittrich here in Boulder later this week to talk about some of my limitations (flexibility is seriously lacking) and what I need to do to put myself in a better spot for 2007! The biking and running will be pretty low-key with an emphisis on continuing to build the internal engine. I'll return to Austin sometime in February for a few weeks to escape a bit of the winter. Heading out to see the new movie Borat (sp??) with my cronies tonight.

Keep it smooth...

Friday, November 03, 2006

Fun Times in Tempe

I wrapped up the 2006 race season last weekend at the Soma Half IM in Tempe, AZ. As expected it was a super fun weekend with friends and racing. The race director, Jeff Suffolk, and his crew did a great job in making it an exciting and competitive race. He also hooked me up with a stellar homestay...Glen Newbold, his wife Jana and two year-old Tyson were so generous in welcoming into their home for the weekend. A hearty congrats to Glen who completed his first half IM!

My flight leaving Denver on Thursday before the Sunday race was delayed 2 hours because of a snow storm which dumped up to 12 inches of wet, heavy snow along the Colorado front range. It was a little after 9:00 pm when I finally walked through the front doors of the Newbold home. The next day was my standard pre-race rest day, so I spent the morning building up my bike then headed into downtown Tempe for some lunch and check things out a bit. A couple of my friends, Kristin & Erin, were arriving later in the afternoon and we were able to meet up for dinner that night.

Saturday morning I completed my final workout, registered and checked in my bike. I was assigned bib number 1, which gave me and my friends a pretty good chuckle. Kristin, Erin and I had lunch, drove the bike course and spent the rest of the day relaxing at the house where they were staying. We had some competitive games of billiards and plenty of laughs before making our pasta dinner.

I woke race morning rested and ready to roll. I was super excited to get after it and simply enjoy the day. The course was spectator friendly with 3 loops on the bike and 2 for the run. I lined myself up in the water next to my roommmate, Pete, hoping I could secure a draft from him...ha. It lasted all of about 10 seconds and I soon found myself gapped from the leaders and once again swimming alone for 1.2 miles. I exited the water in 28:27, well off my goal time.

Onto the bike and just made an effort to hit my nutrition and ride aggressively. The loop course offerred plenty of chances to see how I was doing against the competition. The eventual winner, Lewis Elliot, was hammering things and opened up a big lead with a bike split of 2:09. This particular course really made one ride aware and alert with the u-turns, construction and having to navigate through other athletes. I found myself riding with Timex's Andriy Yasterbov who had DNFd at Kona the week prior. We played a nice little game of cat & mouse through most of the second and third loops. Coming into T2 I was pleased with my effort on the bike riding a 2:16.

Exiting the bike-to-run transition I calculated I was about 10 minutes down from the leader and running in 9th place. I was quite familiar with the run course as it covered the same route as IMAZ. Reminding myself of my run mantra, swift & smile, I took in what I needed at the aid stations thanking the volunteers. Through the first loop I managed to run down some of the guys and was in 5th place. It appeared Lewis was well on his way to the victory, but I continued to run hard in an effort to make the podium. Running a somewhat disappointing 1:17 (second fastest on the day behind Andriy's 1:16), I finished in 4th place with a 4:03:58. Andriy ran into 2nd and Jonathon Carron of Candada was just ahead of me in 3rd. As I crossed the finish line I was pleased not only with the day, but to have completed a successful season.

I congratulate Lewis, Andriy and Jonathon for their results and a big kudos to Pete, Erin and Kristin for their effort on race day!

2006 proved to be a solid year for me with several PR's set throughout the season. I am so grateful for the gift of good health, my sponsors and their support...Hammer Nutrition, Rudy Project and Elite Performance Foods. My coach, Zane Castro, has been such a big influence on my development as an athlete and person.

Thanks for checking in!

Keep it smooth...