Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Called Out

In fulfilling my obligations of being tagged, I am sorry to admit I committed a blogging foul. It appears my friend Kurt ( has called me out on the sandbagging of the beer mile. Was it a true last quarter was clocked at 1:21 by Matt Reed acting as a non-partisan observer. My drinking splits were most likely triple least!

So, in lieu of this I will retract my sandbagging revelation for this sparsely known fact: I was on the homecoming court my senior year in college (Albion College - home of the Britons).

Meeting up with a few of the fellas for a "conversational-paced" run in north Boulder.

Keep it smooth...

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I've Been Tagged

Apparently there is a cyber game of tag being played within the blogger community and my friend Kerrie was kind enough to "tag" me. At least she was friendly and didn't "karate chop" me as she did recently via Facebook. Yes, I am guilty of having an account. It will take me a while to figure it all out though. Ok, back to the game of tag. I am supposed to list 5 random things about me and then tag some other peeps. Hmmm...what to share and what not to share....

1. I once keyed a cop car.
2. I sandbagged the beer mile.
3. As a kid my backyard had 4 apple trees, 1 pear tree, 1 plum tree, 1 peach tree, strawberry bushes and raspberry bushes.
4. I am not a fan of the domesticated feline species.
5. I am a sucker for Peanut M&M's, especially when frozen.

Now who to tag...

Mark because he might reveal how much running he really does.
Michael because his wife was already tagged and he has nothing better to do at the moment.
Zane because he is worse than I am at updating his blog.
Matt because he is going to win the Tour CLEAN.
Glen because he played basketball for the New Zealand National Team.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Catching Up

I have once again been a bit flaky with my updates, not that my world has been super busy lately. It has been great to get back to some low-end training. Just today I commented to my massage therapist, Kelly (, how I was starting to feel like an athlete again. I am loving the early morning yoga classes and the strength training. My new kicks from Spira ( are treating me quite well with their responsiveness and comfort. I was back on the FeltB2 for the first time since Kona for a little spin this afternoon and was stoked to have no irritation or tightness in my glute. The plan through November is to keep things tame and allow the body to fully recover/heal before getting more structured and specific as December rolls in.

My beer mile was pretty lame with a time over 12:00 (winning time was 6:40), but I had damn fun socializing between quarters at the "drink zone" with the spectators. I am in need of a new read having finished Kite Runner last week. It was a fantastic book. A couple of movies I want to see include American Gangster and Bella. Perhpas this weekend - any takers?!?

Keep it smooth...

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Back On

Well, after three weeks of minimal activity, and I mean minimal :), it is time to unpack my bike, dust off my shoes, find my swim suit & goggles and get back on the training. I have enjoyed getting out on my mountain bike in the sunny, fall weather and look forward to regaining some strength and fitness! Yesterday was day one in the weight room and I like the routine Zane has given me with this phase...lots of variety. Now, if I can only get ride of this damn delayed on-set muscle soreness. Having not run since Kona, I was fairly certain my first run would feel quite foreign, but to my surprise it felt decent. Granted, it was quite the leisurely pace, but the form was smooth and relaxed in my new Spira kicks. Their shoes have been creating a bit of a whirl within the running community and I am stoked to partner with them for 2008. Check them out at On the topic of sponsors, I have re-signed with Team Sport Beans/NTTC for 2008. The team will have a couple of new faces on it for 2008 and I am super excited about the upcoming season. More details to follow as our team director finalizes some deals.

It was bliss watching the Lions toy with the Broncos over the weekend. Big boy defensive tackle Rogers rambling for 66 yards after intercepting a weak pass and then stiff arming a Bronco player for the TD...classic ESPN highlight! Rumor has it another Beer Mile is being held in Boulder this Saturday...hmmm, could provide some good entertainment. For those of you not familiar with the Beer Mile visit Perhaps there is one at your local track.

Good luck to those racing Ford Ironman World Championship 70.3 in Clearwater this weekend!

Thanks for checking in and as always,

Keep it smooth...