Thursday, November 15, 2007

Catching Up

I have once again been a bit flaky with my updates, not that my world has been super busy lately. It has been great to get back to some low-end training. Just today I commented to my massage therapist, Kelly (, how I was starting to feel like an athlete again. I am loving the early morning yoga classes and the strength training. My new kicks from Spira ( are treating me quite well with their responsiveness and comfort. I was back on the FeltB2 for the first time since Kona for a little spin this afternoon and was stoked to have no irritation or tightness in my glute. The plan through November is to keep things tame and allow the body to fully recover/heal before getting more structured and specific as December rolls in.

My beer mile was pretty lame with a time over 12:00 (winning time was 6:40), but I had damn fun socializing between quarters at the "drink zone" with the spectators. I am in need of a new read having finished Kite Runner last week. It was a fantastic book. A couple of movies I want to see include American Gangster and Bella. Perhpas this weekend - any takers?!?

Keep it smooth...


MarkyV said...

your roomie did a lot better job of runnin' and chuggin' out there.

:) :) :) :)

kerrie said...

alright, time for some more blogging since you really aren't that great of a beer miler :). You've been tagged and I hope you can play(see my blog for details). You need to write five random facts/things about yourself on your blog and then tag five other to do the same. Have fun!