Monday, March 29, 2010

Powerman Alabama

It's been nine years since I traveled south of the Dixie to compete at Powerman Alabama. This year's race served as the US Elite Duathlon National Championship and went back to its roots with the 10k-60k-10k format featuring an international field. The course was stellar being held at Oak Mountain State Park which provided plenty of rolling hills, twists & turns on both the bike & run. I particularly enjoyed the 12pm race start!

10k run (33:55) - Holy makerel did these guys go out fast, as in 5:08 average, for the first 10k. My goal was to maintain contact with the leaders and even that proved a challenge as the rubberband was stretched to the max. After a a short 200 meters the run shot up a tough hill to set the tone for the day. I stayed controlled through the first run, perhaps a bit too soft, coming into T1 in 10th position and about two minutes down from the leaders.

60k bike (1:39:17) - Exiting T1 I had my mind set on working hard and trying to bridge back up to the first chase pack, including Matt Russell, David Thompson and Ryan Guiliano. Through the first loop I was losing some time and really didn't feel too great. My legs came around though early in the second loop and I was able to start riding back to the some of the guys. By the end of the second loop I caught Derek Yorek who led the race early in the bike with a blistering 31:30 first run. Throughout the final loop I was feeling stronger passing Guiliano and Josh Merrick.

10k run (36:32) - Finishing the bike strong I was looking forward to the final run. Although I was unable to see the competition because of the wooded, hilly course I focused on staying relaxed while trying to push the pace. Unfortunately, I think I had a bit of a mental disconnect and seemed content with running within my comfort zone. The temp started to heat up and I was feeling very smooth. While I closed the gap on a few of the guys, I maintained my position off the bike finishing 7th overall.

Big props to the crew of Team Magic for putting on an outstanding race over a tough, honest course. Kudos to Joerie Vansteelant (Belgium) and Marisa Asplund (USA) for their overall wins as well as my teammates Jessica Jacobs (2nd) & Uli Bromme (4th).

This was a super fun race to kick things off for 2010 and looking forward to getting in the mix in two weeks at the Superfrog Half Ironman.

Keep it smooth...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

No More Itch

Tired of that dry, itchy skin from logging countless laps in the pool or smelling your swim workout later in the day when you are sweating out chlorine residue during your bike workout? If so, I highly recommend you give the TRISWIM products a whirl. Since using their products regularly post my swim workouts my skin & hair have been itch-free. It's also been refreshing to not have the reminder of my swim later in the day with chlorine seeping through my pores. Their comprehensive line of hair shampoo & conditioner, body wash and skin lotion are top-notch without the harmful sulfates found in other products. In addition they have a product called FOGGLE to help prevent your goggles and sunglasses from fogging as well as TRISLIDE to help prevent wetsuit chaffing and blisters on your feet. Do your body a favor and check 'em out!

Keep it smooth...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

2010 Team Sport Beans/NTTC team pic

l to r back row: Nicholas Thompson, Uli Bromme, Mark Wendley, Jessica Meyers, Ben Hoffman
l to r front row: Daniel Bretscher, Lauren Jensen, Jessica Jacobs, yours truly
Keep it smooth...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Team Camp Random Pics

riding in style with the Jelly Belly Ford Excursion

love those vanilla beans

dinner center pieces

view of the vineyard

photographers prepping the set

Vezer family vineyard - location of team photos

few of the old barrels

Lauren ready to roll in bocce ball

Uli talking her ball to the bocce

Team Sport Beans/NTTC Annual Camp

This past weekend I rolled out to Fairfield, CA for our annual Team Sport Beans/NTTC camp at Jelly Belly's world headquarters. As usual it was a fun-filled three days of team orientation, photo & video shoots, training, great meals and of course some time in the vineyards. Stephanie & Tammie from Jelly Belly definitely know how to work hard while having fun! Our team director, Mark, had everything dialed in and organized to keep the weekend running smoothly.

I am excited for my fourth season with the team and look forward to racing alonside my teammates Uli Bromme (Boulder, CO), Jessica Jacobs (Maylene, AL), Lauren Jensen (Muskego, WI), Jessica Meyers (Tulsa, OK), Daniel Bretscher (Greencastle, IN), Ben Hoffman (Durango, CO) and Nicholas Thompson (Danville, CA).

In addition to a few new teammates, I have secured a couple of new sponsors for 2010. Of course, Jelly Belly is the title sponsor for our team keeping us fueled with the portable power of the Sport Bean. Our new apparel sponsor is Pactimo and our official bike sponsor is Valdora. You will see me riding their slick PHX time trial bike with SRAM Red and ISM saddle. My other sponsors include: blueseventy, Rudy Project, Spira, SBR Sports, Mix1 and Flex-Power Performance Sports Cream. I am grateful for the continued support of my sponsors and look forward to representing them in 2010!

Keep it smooth...