Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Bring On the Taper

After a hearty 4 week block of training, I'm enjoying a few days of "active recovery" and getting ready for taper mode...benefitted from a scheduled, and well-deserved I might add, day off yesterday with massage therapy and spending the afternoon on my computer at Amante's coffee shop in north Boulder. Very condusive atmosphere for attending to my doings outside of triathlon and catching up on things. I am quite satisfied with how my body has performed and recovered from the training and crazy weather we've had in Boulder as of late with snow, cold, etc. Now it's pretty much time to find some speed and sharpen the mental game! I am super stoked for IMAZ in three weeks and welcome the challenges it will bring.

FAITH - it's something we all have in one form or another; for some its spiritual or religious, for others a trust or confidence in a person or process. I believe faith is what gets us through the twists and turns of life. It seems as though some individuals choose to take the supersonic expressway at high rates of speed with life simply passing by them. Others take the slower, and at times tougher, rougher side roads. In doing so, they are most likely embracing and experiencing all life has to offer - the good and the bad. I'm probably cruising down both avenues, but strive for the experience the sid roads have to offer.

Keep it smooth...