Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wind, Fire & Snow

The annual chinook winds are alive & kicking with gusts today up to 55mph.  Seems like mother nature is flexing her muscle this early spring with consistent winds, snow in the high country and wild fires just outside of Boudler two weeks ago and three currently raging outside of Golden.  Perhaps Coors, located in Golden, should donate some of their brew to help douse the flames.  At a minimum they should at least make some of their Rocky Mountain suds available for the firefighters once these bad boys are out. 

Like the weather, my life has been a bit crazy at times with the training load in preparation for Ironman Texas, speaking obligations and trying to keep some balance beyond swim, bike & run.  The fatigue factor has been in full effect with some planned stacked days of training, but my body & mind know the deal.  I've had great results on the fueling/nutritional side of things as I continue to work with Craig at Max Muscle Sports Nutrition.  It has been really insightful to track my lean muscle mass, body weight and caloric consumption from week-to-week.  Anyone looking to make some positive changes with their overall diet or sports nutrition should check out what Craig can offer via his nutrition consultations/meal planning.  I really thought I had this part of training/racing pretty well sorted, but Craig's program has allowed me to see a few gaps while making the necessary tweaks. 

Well, I wish I had some more entertaining thoughts to share, but alas my pillow is calling my name as the wind continues to roar.

Keep it smooth...