Wednesday, May 30, 2007


The last couple of days I have enjoyed running on two of my favorite trails in Boulder: Doudy Draw Trail & Eagle Trail. With all the rain in recent weeks the wildflowers are in full-bloom and certainly make for a nice view as they paint the rolling hills. The purple ones are my favorite. Hey, I'm man enough to admit I like wildflowers. Today's training - easy spin, run & swim - was capped with a saweet ab class at FAC which is led by a grandmother :) Seriously, it's a killer class and I like hitting it at least once a week. We used these gliding discs today which was a hoot!

Well, I'm hoping the Pistons can get back on track with a big W tomorrow against the Cavs.

Keep is smooth...

Monday, May 28, 2007

Remembering the Fallen

Happy Memorial Day! As a kid, this holiday weekend was one of my favs...with school almost over, the neighborhood pool opening, family barbeques and the local festival/fair I knew it meant summer was about to begin in full force :) Come to think of it, I still enjoy all these aspects of Memorial Day weekend. I also find it a healthy reminder to keep in my thoughts and prayers those who served our great nation and continue to do so in all corners of the globe.

I have enjoyed a rather busy week of training and hitting the town a bit to enjoy some of Boulder's finest adult beverages and food. My brother and his wife were visiting and we shared some good laughs and conversation with my friends over dinner, drinks and of course the Pistons' play-off games. Saturday night we took in the Boulder Creek Festival...I never knew chicken on a stick could taste so good...yummm! The live music by an Irish band called the Indulgers was a hoot. Today Boulder plays host to one of the largest 10k's in the world with close to 56,000 runners hitting the neighborhood streets throughout the city.

May you and your family enjoy a healthy, happy & blessed Memorial Day!

Keep it smooth...

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Running Free

Monday afternoon I enjoyed my return to running outdoors! What freedom to be out on the trail instead of confined to the pool or treadmill :) The legs responded well and I will continue to be patient with things as I regain my form. A hearty kudos to all my friends who raced over the weekend. Boulder was well-represented in big races with several top 10 finishes, one overall win (Laura - Memphis In May) and one second (Simon - Florida 70.3).

Last night I caught up with my brother & his wife for dinner and watched the Pistons take a 1-0 lead over the Cavs in their Eastern Conference Championship. Now if the Wings can play well tonight and even their series with the Ducks...

Keep it smooth...

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Good Times & Good Laughs

Another stellar day of training in some downright top-notch weather. I enjoyed riding with a small group of friends for the first part of my ride before making my way back towards Boulder as they all had longer rides on their schedules. The legs responded well for the solid three hour effort over rolling terrain. A tasty lunch and nap pre my treadmill run hit the spot. A wonderful day was capped sharing laughs with friends over dinner on Pearl Street. Anchor Steam might be my new beer of choice for the moment. I am stoked for the return of summer nights!

Tomorrow's schedule is fairly light with a 1:30 swim in the morning and then another chance to watch the Red Wings in play-0ff action on NBC. My brother and sister-in-law roll into town Monday and I look forward to entertaining them a bit this upcoming week.

Time to catch some shut-eye.

Keep it smooth...

Friday, May 18, 2007

Witness to a Miracle

With an active recovery week in progress I have been able to catch-up on the little things around the house which usually get ignored...dusting, cleaning my bikes (I have made a commitment to keep them clean), sorting a pile of mail, emails to friends back in MI, replacing a cable on my road bike, reading, car wash inside & outside, finalizing Kona travel, etc.

Wednesday & Thursday night a musician/healer/speaker conducted healing services at my church. Her name is Lorraine Louvat. Before I share with you what I witnessed, please understand I AM NOT ON CRACK OR HITTING THE BOTTLE! While I can not explain with I saw, I simply trust in my faith in understanding God's healing power.

Quick background on the age of 4 she was told by God she would have a strong gift of healing but would use it later in life. Untile the early 90s Lorraine was pretty much a prayer hermit. She is not a religious sister. In 1963 she met with a guy by the name of Padre Pio, who himself was blessed with incredible gifts and is considered a modern-day saint being cannonized in 2003. At the time of their meeting, Lorraine knew nothing about Padre Pio and he provided her spiritual direction confirming her divine gift of healing and stating she would be given property on which to establish a healing ministry in the future. Lorraine had never told ANYONE about what God revealed to her at an early age, but through the Holy Spirit Padre Pio knew of her gift. Fast-forward to the early 90s and that is when Lorraine was asked by her priest in Maine to go out and begin her public ministry. In the mid 90s Lorraine was given 100 acres of beautiful land in rural Maine on which she has established the Lifesong Healing Ministry. It is a community of lay-people who pray for the healing of those who write and call asking for it.

This week she has been in Boulder conducting healing services and has done so across the globe. Lorraine is not a psychic and admits she herself does not possess any special power. She is simply a vessel through which Jesus places His healing hands on those in need of it. With her grandmother-like voice and tender heart she tirelessly opens herself to this work. She has healed believers and atheists, the young and the old. Her ministry is not limited to any particular religion or race, just as Jesus reached out to all.

I was intrigued when I first read about her in our church newsletter and the skeptic in me wanted to see this first-hand. Both nights I was witness to numerous miracles...healings on the spot. Lorraine is very clear that not everyone in attendance would be healed as the healing is not for her to decide, but God's will. Everyone though would receive a gift of grace from this experience. I saw people with chronic pain walk away pain-free. An older gentleman seemed to dance down the aisle while folding up his walker upon receiving the healing gift. Tears of joy flowed from the woman whose crippling pain from spinal fusions was removed. A teenage boy smiled from cheek to cheek as his humble wish to grow became reality through God's will and Lorraine praying over his legs, ankles and feet. On my grandmothers' graves I swear he became visibly taller than his mom at that moment.

My faith is integral to who I am as a person and Lorraine's gift to simply love others as Jesus did is a wonderful example how to live. Her vocation is to heal and share God's love. Many of us want to do this but struggle with how to carry it through within our own vocations/jobs. I think it is very simple: wherever God has planted you, that is where you are to share His love through your actions, words and how you treat others.

For me, I use my vocation as a professional triahlete & speaker for His glory. For example, while racing in Kona I will be raising money to support the work of a non-profit crisis pregnancy center (more on this in June). The amount of training time we commit is a great opportunity for prayer/reflection. If you have a specific prayer request please email ( it to me as I will be certain to keep you in my thoughts & prayers while swimming, biking & running. If we can lift each other up in prayer our lives will be blessed.

For more info on Lorraine & her ministry visit

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Running Day Five

Things in Boulder have been relatively uneventful this past week. I have enjoyed my return to running, uh rather "jogging", having completed day five of my two week treadmill protocol this morning. Perhaps in the not-too-distance future I can join the fellas, and gals, for the Tuesday morning special at the Boulder Reservoir. Swimming and biking continue to roll along with some dashes of intensity. My motivation is certainly getting cranked in following my friends and training partners with their race efforts. This weekend plays host to a couple of big races...the Florida Half IM (Ford Ironman 70.3 Florida for you type A folks) and Memphis In May. Several of my cronies from Boulder are towing a rather competitive line in Orlando. Best wishes to all of them for strong performances!

The Red Wings and Pistons are both in action tonight...thank God for the remote control!

Keep it smooth...

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Motor City Madness

I hail from perhaps the best sports town in the United States...DETROIT! What other major city consistently has teams playing for and winning championships?? The Red Wings find themselves in the Western Conference finals in their bid for another Stanley Cup while the Pistons have put the hurt on the Chicago Bulls going up 2-0 with big wins as they look to get back to the Eastern Conference finals. Let's not forget the Tigers were in last year's World Series. Now, if the Lions could just find their roar from years past.

Keep it smooth...

Sunday, May 06, 2007

McDonald's & Movies

Perhaps many of you are in the know on this, but I just learned you can rent a movie for a BUCK at select McDonald's restaurants. They have these dvd kiosks called Redbox and you use your credit card upon selecting a movie of interest. The dvd's are due back the following day or you are charged a late fee of $1 for each day you keep the movie. Cool thing is you can return the movie to any McDonald's with a Redbox. That sounds good for road trips! No, you do not have to order any food to use the dvd machine. Admittedly, I was keen on some french fries when I picked up my flick this afternoon, but was able to hold back. Actually, I had not stepped a big toe into the Golden Arches in years and was surprised at their expanded menu...salads and sides of fruit. Of course, if I were to cave for some Micky D's I would make it count. As a kid, my favorite McDonald's meal was quarter pounder w/cheese, fries, Coke and apple-cinnamon pie....yummmmm!

Keep it smooth...

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Love/Hate Relationship

Today I experienced that familiar love-hate relationship with the wind while riding. This was the first day with some narly winds in quite some time and I found myself both applauding and cursing it. The hill repeats into the gusting head wind provided an opportune time to work on my patience. It was a hearty ride and my legs will be glad I plan to just kick it tonight and take in the Wings play-off game with the San Jose Sharks.

This nifty picture was taken by my friend Dave Young. No, he did not use any smoke or mirrors for this creative blend of shots. Dave has a passion for photography and he is interested in working with other athletes and individuals in the Boulder area. Drop me a note at if you want to contact Dave about working with you.
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