Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Running Day Five

Things in Boulder have been relatively uneventful this past week. I have enjoyed my return to running, uh rather "jogging", having completed day five of my two week treadmill protocol this morning. Perhaps in the not-too-distance future I can join the fellas, and gals, for the Tuesday morning special at the Boulder Reservoir. Swimming and biking continue to roll along with some dashes of intensity. My motivation is certainly getting cranked in following my friends and training partners with their race efforts. This weekend plays host to a couple of big races...the Florida Half IM (Ford Ironman 70.3 Florida for you type A folks) and Memphis In May. Several of my cronies from Boulder are towing a rather competitive line in Orlando. Best wishes to all of them for strong performances!

The Red Wings and Pistons are both in action tonight...thank God for the remote control!

Keep it smooth...

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