Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Love/Hate Relationship

Today I experienced that familiar love-hate relationship with the wind while riding. This was the first day with some narly winds in quite some time and I found myself both applauding and cursing it. The hill repeats into the gusting head wind provided an opportune time to work on my patience. It was a hearty ride and my legs will be glad I plan to just kick it tonight and take in the Wings play-off game with the San Jose Sharks.

This nifty picture was taken by my friend Dave Young. No, he did not use any smoke or mirrors for this creative blend of shots. Dave has a passion for photography and he is interested in working with other athletes and individuals in the Boulder area. Drop me a note at if you want to contact Dave about working with you.
Keep it smooth...

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Cliff Tam said...

Brad..nice pic and a sick bike. I hope you have a great season this summer.