Sunday, May 06, 2007

McDonald's & Movies

Perhaps many of you are in the know on this, but I just learned you can rent a movie for a BUCK at select McDonald's restaurants. They have these dvd kiosks called Redbox and you use your credit card upon selecting a movie of interest. The dvd's are due back the following day or you are charged a late fee of $1 for each day you keep the movie. Cool thing is you can return the movie to any McDonald's with a Redbox. That sounds good for road trips! No, you do not have to order any food to use the dvd machine. Admittedly, I was keen on some french fries when I picked up my flick this afternoon, but was able to hold back. Actually, I had not stepped a big toe into the Golden Arches in years and was surprised at their expanded menu...salads and sides of fruit. Of course, if I were to cave for some Micky D's I would make it count. As a kid, my favorite McDonald's meal was quarter pounder w/cheese, fries, Coke and apple-cinnamon pie....yummmmm!

Keep it smooth...

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