Saturday, May 19, 2007

Good Times & Good Laughs

Another stellar day of training in some downright top-notch weather. I enjoyed riding with a small group of friends for the first part of my ride before making my way back towards Boulder as they all had longer rides on their schedules. The legs responded well for the solid three hour effort over rolling terrain. A tasty lunch and nap pre my treadmill run hit the spot. A wonderful day was capped sharing laughs with friends over dinner on Pearl Street. Anchor Steam might be my new beer of choice for the moment. I am stoked for the return of summer nights!

Tomorrow's schedule is fairly light with a 1:30 swim in the morning and then another chance to watch the Red Wings in play-0ff action on NBC. My brother and sister-in-law roll into town Monday and I look forward to entertaining them a bit this upcoming week.

Time to catch some shut-eye.

Keep it smooth...

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