Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Kick-the-Can to Triathlon

I was recently interviewed for a fitness blog and asked several good questions. Upon answering one of the questions about my interest in triathlon, it caused me to think about my roots with sport. As a kid, I benefitted from growing up in a safe neighborhood with loads of other kids. We would spend our summer evenings playing games like kick-the-can, capture the flag and ghost in the graveyard well beyond dusk. In retrospect, this was the foundation for my running which eventually led to a lengthy soccer career through college and a few years post college in the highly competitive men's beer league. My nieces and nephews probably have no clue about these childhood games filled with running, tactics and lots of laughter. With advances in technology and the birth of the mighty Wii too many young people spend time glued to the idiot box. The only physcial activity they experience is through some type of organized sport program. We can all use a little dose of free-spirited play.

Keep it smooth...