Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sleep. Eat. Train. Repeat.

Yes, that is a common phrase within the triathlon community and it easily describes my life at the moment as I find myself towards the end of Kona prep week #1. With the increased volume and intensity, recovery is key between sessions and days. Naps are more frequent which I admitedly enjoy. Training is going well with lots of time in the saddle and on my legs running. Tuesdays are my "big" day with long ride and run off the bike. I started at 120 on the bike this week with an easy 11 miles controlled off the bike and will grow that over the next few weeks. Yesterday was my speed day for the run and on the tired legs from Tuesday it was a tough 5x1200 at sub 4:00/1200. I am also working the swim frequency and should be close to 24K this week. I enjoyed an easy ride early this morning, a solid swim with a few buddies and have an easy run over flat terrain this afternoon. Friday is my "moderately" long bike of 110 and another controlled run post. Saturdays are devoted to intensity on the bike and getting some hill work for the run. I will close out the week with my long run Sunday as well as a swim and easy spin. Should be fun to work the IM pacing on Sunday's run.

My focus is simply taking care of the little things (stretching, icing, nutrition, refueling, rest, etc.) and enjoying any downtime with a book or movie. I also find this type of training an excellent time to sharpen the mind and soul/spirit.

I want to send a shout out to my friends racing IM Canada and IM Louisville this weekend - make it happen & best wishes for a grand day!

Keep it smooth...

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Bring on the Kona Build

My apologies for being negligent in posting any updates since the 5430 Half IM last weekend. It was a great race weekend with the Boulder Kids' Triathlon on Saturday and then the long course event Sunday. It is always a treat to race in Boulder and I had plenty of support on the course with my parents visiting and many friends taking in the action...thanks to everyone who was encouraging me along the way!! I had a PR for the 5430 Half IM course racing to a 4:09. The field was the most competitive I have seen for this event and we had rather friendly race conditions.

Monday following the race I made a trek up to Rocky Mountain National Park with my parents. It was so cool to drive the Trail Ridge Road and do a little hike along the Continental Divide. The scenery is absolutely stunning and we saw several herds of elk and big horn sheep. The weather was super with lots of sun, blue skies and at an elevation of 12,000 plus feet temps in the 60s...ah very refreshing :)

Tomorrow I start my official build for Kona. I am really psyched about the prep and putting in the work. It has been over a year since I did any IM-specific type work and I am hopeful for a healthy and strong go at it. My last few IM preps have been excellent with Zane commanding the ship and we will use a similar approach for Kona with some minor tweaks. There are numerous athletes also training for Kona here in Boulder and I will probably do some group work to spice it up a bit.

I have been invited to participate in a pilot program here in Boulder called Safe Routes to School ( which encourages kids to walk or ride their bikes to school. Monday afternoon is the kick-off day and I will be joined by several professional cyclists and runners to encourage the kids to be healthy & active. Rudy Project will be on-hand to provide some treats and the Boulder Fire Department will be distributing free bike helmets. On September 13th there is a festival for the kids who sign up for the program with a scavenger hunt, goodies and other schwag from sponsors. How cool!!

On the reading front, I just started a new book called Just One More Thing, Doc by Bradford Brown, DVM. It recounts some hilarious farm calls of this Maine veterinarian. A fun, light-hearted book that will be sure to keep you laughing.

Thanks for checking in & as always....

Keep it smooth...

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Boulder Kids' Triathlon

Perfect weather greeted over 400 kids early Saturday morning at the Boulder Resevoir for the 11th annual Boulder Kids' Triathlon! It was a busy weekend of triathlon racing in and around Boulder with the kids event Saturday morning, 5430 Long Course Half IM Sunday morning and the ITU Continental Cup just outside of Boudler Sunday afternoon. I was stoked to watch the Fit to Tri group complete their first triathlon. They were both excited and nervous for their first race, but definitely ready for some fun. After meeting the group outside transition Beth and I helped them get sorted in transition. Kayla & JJ were both racing in the last wave with the other 14 year-0lds and John was in the second to last wave with the 10-11 year-olds. They looked very race-ready sporting their FastForward Sports technical tee & visors compliments of Scott with FastForward Sports! After explaining the flow of T1 & T2 we all made our way down to the beach to kick it and watch the little ankle biters (3-5 year-olds) get after it. Our kids were most nervous about the swim, but ready for the challenge. Beth & I chuckled as all three used the dolphin dive technique we taught them in our open water swim for both the start and exit of the swim. They all finished their races in fine fashion with smiles on their faces :) I am crazy proud of their efforts and hope to have the opportunity to work with them next year!

I am waiting for pics from Beth and will post when they are ready.

Keep it smooth...