Saturday, August 06, 2011

Running the Good Race

Tomorrow morning approximately 1,900 athletes will converge on the Boulder Reservoir for the Boulder 70.3 triathlon (1.2 mile swim~56 mile bike~13.1 mile run).  It is a popular race on the half Ironman circuit with the Rocky Mountains as a scenic back-drop.

With a disappointing outcome in my previous four races I am excited to get back in the mix with a hometown tilt.  My training block leading up to this event has been solid as I have been working through a nagging foot injury.  I have simply strived to persevere with eyes of faith. 

Life can get messy: relationships, work, training, finances, health concerns, etc.  It is through these challenging moments we can all benefit from running the good race.  We might fall, we might get hurt, we might experience a taste of disappointment, but we will never be given more than we can handle.  Phil 4:13 - "In Him who is my source of strength, I have strength for anything."  Christ came not to take away our suffering, but fill it with His presence. 

When the gun goes at 6:30am, it's game on.  May we all have the courage to be our best in running the greatest race of all...LIFE!

Keep it smooth,