Monday, April 30, 2007

Guys Night Out

We are finally enjoying some splendid weather in Boulder. The weekend saw temps in the 70s on Saturday and creeping into the 80s on Sunday. It was so nice to ride sans arm warmers, gloves and yes, even toe covers! I was out riding with JZ on Friday and asked her when she thought we could take those damn things off our cycling shoes. "NEVER" was her response :)

A solid weekend of training was highlighted by a 9,000+ feet day of climbing with a few of the fellas on Sunday. I was crowned jackass of the group with a flat while climbing St. Vrain Canyon and then upon stopping at the renowned Ward Store realizing I left my cash, ID, house key and phone at the lovely Raymond Store (our first stop climbing up to the Peak to Peak Highway). The guys were actually very cool with it and we had a few good chuckles.

The real laughs were over dinner and few adult bevies with the guys on Saturday night. Colorful and animated conversation seemed to flow easily with everyone taking his fair share of jabs at one another. Even Wes, the guy with a busted scapula from crashing during the Bus Stop ride, was not immune from the banter.

Several folks are traveling this weekend for races at Wildflower, Tri One O One Bradenton and some far-away ITU World Cups...wishing them the best!

Keep it smooth...

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