Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Rain, Snow, Sun

The last forty-eight hours has been a mix of some rather unseasonable weather. After a day of cold, rain and bit of snow it was great to see the sun return today. The mountains looked beautiful this morning capped with fresh, white snow against the blue sky background. Sure a picture would have been nice, but trust me, it was a dang good view.

My appointment with the orthopaedic confirmed what I suspected...a developing stress fracture. Good news though as it is healing quite well and I should begin a run protocol (on land) within the next week and a half per my top notch PT, Bob Cranny. Until then...more deep water running. On the training front, the bike and swim are progressing as planned per my zen triathlon coach, Zane Castro of Austin, TX. We had a lengthy chat last night about some specific targets in the pool and in the saddle as well as my upcoming race schedule. Zane has been great in keeping me patient and focused. I am also grateful for the support from my sponsors. Their understanding of my situation allows me to go about my business stress-free.

Quick Training Week Recap:

Monday - yoga 1:00, PT exercises & core :45, swim 1:15
Tuesday - deep water run 1:15, PT exercises :25, bike 2:30 with a series of HITs (high intensity intervals)
Wednesday - deep water run 1:00, swim 1:30, bike 2:30 with 90 minutes tempo, PT exercises & core :45

Keep it smooth...

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