Saturday, April 07, 2007

Moving Forward

My visit with the orthopaedic doc confirmed what I suspected...a likely stress fracture. Good news though as it is definitely on the mend and feeling so much better from a week ago. The doctor advised me to continue working with my top-notch physical therapist, Bob Cranny of Altitude Physical Therapy. Anyone in the Boulder area seeking treatment from a PT should schedule a consult with Bob. He and his wife Sandy are great people and exceptional athletes. Having raced all the distances in triathlon and several IM events, including Kona, they get it :) While my race schedule for May is subject to change I am confident my return to running on land will be timely. So the plan is to be diligent in taking care of the little things, listen to my body and continue to progress on the bike & in the water.
Like most of the country east of the Rocky Mountains, we are being hit with some cold & snowy weather. I enjoyed a solid swim this morning in the brisk temps. Fun seeing my friends Erin & JZ at the pool...they were swift and sleek in their Helix wetsuits. Looking forward to sharing some laughs with friends at dinner tonight, even if we have to be on our best behavior to avoid embarrassing my friend Lara whose parents are visiting.

I pray you have a healthy, happy & blessed Easter weekend!

Keep it smooth...

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