Monday, April 02, 2007

My First DNF

It has been a rather frustrating three weeks in dealing with an injury which has limited my ability to run. I headed to Oceanside for Ford California 70.3 Ironman knowing my race day was going to be suspect to a potential early end. Saturday morning I could not complete my pre-race run warm-up and things pretty much went south from there. I pride myself in having a strong mind and planned on nailing the swim & bike. Things just simply did not come together and I retired from the race after hobbling through T2. While I am disappointed with my effort in the portions of the race I was able to complete, I understand it is a long season. I am in San Diego through late Tuesday and have an appointment set with an orthopaedic early Thursday.

Beyond the injury, it was a great race weekend. A hearty congrats to my training partners from Boulder and my teammates on their efforts! I was able to spend some quality time with my Dad and appreciate the support from my family, friends and sponsors. Sunday I had an all-day photo shoot with two of my teammates (Kathryn & Peter) for some Team Sport Beans/NTTC ad campaigns. It was a hoot with lots of laughs :) and I was pretty shelled by the day's end.

I enjoyed a chill day in Encinitas with a buddy from MI today and look forward to my return to Boulder.

Keep it smooth...

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