Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Back On

Well, after three weeks of minimal activity, and I mean minimal :), it is time to unpack my bike, dust off my shoes, find my swim suit & goggles and get back on the training. I have enjoyed getting out on my mountain bike in the sunny, fall weather and look forward to regaining some strength and fitness! Yesterday was day one in the weight room and I like the routine Zane has given me with this phase...lots of variety. Now, if I can only get ride of this damn delayed on-set muscle soreness. Having not run since Kona, I was fairly certain my first run would feel quite foreign, but to my surprise it felt decent. Granted, it was quite the leisurely pace, but the form was smooth and relaxed in my new Spira kicks. Their shoes have been creating a bit of a whirl within the running community and I am stoked to partner with them for 2008. Check them out at www.spirafootwear.com. On the topic of sponsors, I have re-signed with Team Sport Beans/NTTC for 2008. The team will have a couple of new faces on it for 2008 and I am super excited about the upcoming season. More details to follow as our team director finalizes some deals.

It was bliss watching the Lions toy with the Broncos over the weekend. Big boy defensive tackle Rogers rambling for 66 yards after intercepting a weak pass and then stiff arming a Bronco player for the TD...classic ESPN highlight! Rumor has it another Beer Mile is being held in Boulder this Saturday...hmmm, could provide some good entertainment. For those of you not familiar with the Beer Mile visit www.beermile.com. Perhaps there is one at your local track.

Good luck to those racing Ford Ironman World Championship 70.3 in Clearwater this weekend!

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Keep it smooth...

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MarkyV said...

Uh... beer mile??? WHERE!!! Come on man... DETAILS!!! :)