Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Camp WIT Austin Day Two

Slept in a bit until 7:30 am...breakfast and chat with Zane to go over the day's plan.

Bike: narly 100 mile ride in the hill country outside of Austin to Johnson City; I rate this ride tough, even in ideal conditions, and today there was a hearty dose of wind with gusts up to 35 MPH. The terrain on this ride is unforgiving, in both grades and frequency of hills in addition to the slow-going chip seal surface. My perception has this ride tougher than the IMWI bike course. It is a super strength-based bike session.

Run: 9 mile hill run post bike and food; legs responded well to this effort despite some fatigued legs. Running at sea level feels so good :) Photo above from Blacones Canyonlands Preserve just outside of Austin.

Terra & Zane both had solid days of training as well.

Keep it smooth...

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