Thursday, February 22, 2007

Camp WIT Austin Day Ten

The weather is absolutely fabulous right now...

Swim: Whitney put together another solid swim session with some peppy efforts. 5,000 y

Run: Steady aerobic effort from house down to Town Lake trail for a few miles and back. Perfect running weather although it started to warm-up towards the end. 16 miles

Bike: Easy, high cadence spin to flush out legs. 25 miles

Our friend Matt Seagrave rolled into town late Tuesday fresh off his impressive overall win at the Valley of the Sun stage race in Phoenix, AZ. He is in Austin for a road race on Sunday and I'm looking forward to taking in the action.

If you are interested to joining NTTC's club team or wanting some coaching check out the program offered by NTTC at our website Thanks for reading!

Keep it smooth...

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