Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Back In Boulder

I left the 85 degree weather in Austin on Monday with my return to Boulder. It has been a bit hectic the past few days, but so good to be sleeping in my own bed! Waiting for my arrival in Boulder were hundreds of blue, red, orange and green Sport Beans along with some of my Team Sport Beans/NTTC apparel our team director, Mark, shipped so I would not have to travel with it to Austin...thanks Mark!! Yesterday was very pleasant here with plenty of sunshine and blue skies. Today...not so much...cold & snowy. Admittedly my motivation for my final workout of the day, a run over rolling terrain, was a tad lacking. Still I managed to get my arse out the door and get it done. One of my new partners is BD's Mongolian Barbeque. As an athlete, having access to healthy & delicious food is huge - especially when you are dragging and do not feel like cooking up some grub. Check them out on the internet for a location near you at BD has about 36 restaurants nation wide and even one in Mongolia!

Well, me thinks it is time for some reading and shut eye.

Keep it smooth...

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