Friday, December 26, 2008

Random Questions

While finishing up my ride today with Kurt (thanks dude) and to distract my mind from the numbness setting in on mi bones I began to ponder a few random questions I have been asked recently. In no particular order:

1. Brad, why don't you have a girlfriend? Do you play for the other team? No, I do not play for the "other team" and do not judge those who do. I have been in several wonderful relationships and know what is to love and to be loved. Am I open to a relationship? Absolutely, but not for the sake of simply being in a relationship. Do I have commitment issues? No. Do I find women attractive? Yes.

2. Brad, are you a devout Catholic? Hmmm...I am Catholic and continue to grow in my faith. Since moving to Colorado I have been challenged on many levels...physically/mentally thru sport, emotionally in taking some risk in leaving friends, job, etc. to pursue triathlon and spiritually in not compromising who I am for the sake of gaining approval. I am not a choir boy nor was I ever an altar boy. I went to Catholic grade school for 1st through 3rd grade before moving to the public school ranks. We are all imperfect and I find myself stubbling quite often in this race of life. I know a few Bible verses and live by a simple motto which I learned from Gilbert Tuhabonye: love God, love people.

3. Brad, what are you using for a powermeter this year? Still sorting that one out and will roll with either SRM or PowerTap. My Ergomo is simply a glorified bike computer at the moment as it only gives me speed, hr and distance.

4. Brad, do you still live with Pete? This is a funny one because another athlete asked me this at 70.3 World Championship who I have not spoken to in probably two or three years and she is the one who connected me with Pete. Long story short, Pete was looking for a roommate and I was looking for cheap housing when I first moved to Boulder. Initially, I was thinking alright cool dude, quiet, clean, comfortable place. It will work for a while until I get to know Boulder. Four years later my parents frequently ask me if I am going to ever remove my belongings from their home. Pete's place is as close to FAC as one can be and our balcony is within spitting distance of the pool. I'm actually thinking it would be fun to launch water balloons from it some time. One word sums up why my bum has not moved out of here...convenience baby...oh I guess that's two words. I have been looking for my own place on and off and will continue to keep my ears to the ground.

So there you have it - a small glimpse into my psyche. My nickname in high school was Psycho, so maybe you don't really want that glimpse.

Keep it smooth...



MarkyV said...

dude! you end with THAT!

come on...

now you realize that next week you _have_ to follow up with WHY you were called psycho. :)

Cliff said...

Pyscho sure matches you..jokes :o)

stageracer said...

Wow!!!! Did I glean all that out of you from our ride yesterday?????k, the psycho story will have to be told on our next windy chill ride

Amanda Lovato said...

Brad, I laughed out loud on this post. You are one funny dude! LOL!