Monday, December 22, 2008

Armstrong or Phelps?

A few nights ago I was out with the guys for some ginger ales (as famed Red Wing broadcaster Micky Redmond would say) and the topic of conversation at one point focused on the question - Who's a better athlete, Lance Armstrong or Michael Phelps? This sparked some heated debate and I think in the end we really did not come to a consensus. However, when phrased as "Who has more mental toughness?" it seemed Phelps was the winner. No doubt Lance is incredibly focused and mentally tough as nails. However, it was argued that Phelps' ability to overcome the hype/pressure during the Olympics in addition to the fact the guy has stared at a black line on the bottom of a pool for thousands and thousands of meters gives him the edge mentally.

As far as the greatest athlete, I would throw out a decathalete as he/she has to excell in ten different athletic events. Just my HOP.

Keep it smooth...


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