Thursday, June 07, 2007

Under the Knife - A First for Me

Today was my first experience of "going under the knife". OK, so it was not really that big a deal...I made a visit to Boulder's foremost dermatologist and had a slice of my back removed. My massage therapist, who has first hand experience with skin cancer, noted a spot looked suspicious and hooked me up with Dr. Karen Kallgren. I expect to hear back early next week after it is analyzed for melanoma, carcinoma or some kind of noma -- that's a movie quote, but the movie escapes me at the moment. All kidding aside, skin cancer is no joke! As athletes we expend ooodles of energy to stay fit, eat well & get plenty of rest. We get our teeth checked every six months or so and pay top dollar for massage therapy & accupuncture. With the amount of time we spend in the sun training, it makes sense to get a thorough skin check once a year. Visit for more information. I am not an alarmist, but an advocate for healthy living.

The last couple of days has seen some downright crazy winds in and around Boulder with gusts up to 85 mph. No rain or thunderstorms, but lots of wind!

It has been a rather solid couple of weeks. My swim and bike are in a good spot at the moment and my run is coming along. Tuesday was a key session with 90 miles on the bike and a one hour run off the bike (9 minute run, 1 minute walk). Coach Z and I are pleased with my pacing on the runs. The dark side was getting at me this afternoon to skip my longer run with hill repeats, but I was able to get my bum out the door. It was a great session done on the CU x-country course. I'm lucky to live about a mile from it, which serves as a good warm-up and cool down. This weekend I am racing the Big Sky Duathlon ( located in the farming community of Bennett, CO. It will be a fast and furious affair with a
2.5 mile run~15.5 mile bike ~ 2.5 mile run. I am stoked about getting in the mix!

Best wishes to my friends racing Baja 70.3 and Eagleman this it up!

Keep it smooth...

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