Monday, June 18, 2007

Fit to Tri

After coordinating with my friend Beth we are set to launch our Fit to Tri program for at-risk youth! It will be a six week program culminating with the kids' participation at the Boulder Peak Kids' Triathlon ( on August 11th. We have an eager group of 12 year-olds who have never done a triathlon and one 15 year-old assistant who completed his first race two weeks ago and now has "the bug". Our goal is to introduce triathlon to these at-risk-FOR SUCCESS-kids while promoting an active, healthy lifestyle. Stay tuned for updates and photos as the program unfolds.

Keep it smooth...

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MarkyV said...

Dude... good to meet you at the que last night. Best of luck in Lubbock. See ya around town.

Wings rule.

Traverse City Rocks! ;-)