Wednesday, March 14, 2007

New Wheels

I received my new race wheels from Blackwell and they are saweeet! Dave Bunce has been great to work with in educating me about their wheels and what set-up is best for me. This year I will be running their 50mm front and 100mm rear. I originally thought I would go with their disc as well, but after talking with Dave he indicated I would be best served not purchasing the disc and rolling with the 100mm which is just as fast and Kona-legal. Click on the logo to learn more about their products or visit

The weather has been stellar the past several days...damn I probably just jinxed myself and it will snow tomorrow. Training is progressing well as I continue my quest to find some fitness and a little speed for the Ford Ironman 70.3 California. It is going to be a great Dad is going to catch the race and volunteer, my friend Caroline is going to be spectating and Stephanie & Deborah from Jelly Belly will be on-site for the weekend. Sunday after the race I have a photo shoot with a couple of my teammates for some Sport Bean promo. I may also be catching up with an old childhood buddy of mine. I haven't seen him since elementary school. He owns a killer sound biz and does work for the film and tv industry. You can check out his projects at

Keep it smooth...

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