Friday, March 16, 2007

Fit to Tri

In June I will be launching a triathlon program for at-risk youth called Fit to Tri. I am super stoked about this program having done one two years ago with a group of kids from Denver. This year I am partnering with my friend Beth who teaches at-risk youth in Longmont. The goals of the program are to engage at-risk youth in alternative sports opportunities, to improve self-awareness through physical challenge and to combat obesity by highlighting the benefits of a fit mind and body. Most importantly, it will be fun :) It is a six week program culminating with the kids' participation at the Boulder Kids Triathlon on August 11th. Each week we will have one group training session emphasizing the individual disciplines of triathlon, including transitions, nutrition and goal setting. In addition, I will design a weekly schedule for each participant. Once the program gets rolling I will be sure to share some stories and pics of the team in action.

Keep it smooth...

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Scott Hughes said...

Triathlon takes a lot of time and makes the triathlete feel confident and proud, so it's a great hobby for at-risk youth. It sounds like a great idea!

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