Friday, March 09, 2007

Down for A Day

I found myself quite ill Wednesday night with some kind of stomach bug and took a day of rest Thursday. Glad to be back on things today :)

Wednesday afternoon I was enjoying an easy, high cadence spin late afternoon. One of the few times I kick it with my music while riding. Simon rode up on me and while passing chirpped something about riding like a girl. I really do not know what he said because I had the music jumping. Anyway, that evening upon checking my email I had a message from Simon reading "What were you doing? Like they say in France, I passed you so fast I gave you a cold. Time to stop listening to music and ride faster." I got a good chuckle from his humor as usual and responsed with "I was counting the newborn calves in the pasture." Well, I did not get a cold, but something did not agree with me on Wednesday night!

Keep it smooth...

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