Friday, January 05, 2007

Winter Wonderland

We are getting another 12-18" of the white stuff today. I wish I had a photo to download of the masters swim class at the outdoor, but my camera is psychotic and not cooperating. What is a triathlete to do on such a day...make a snowman of course! Well, not so much. After an early morning radio interview for an upcoming speaking engagement in Detroit I had a bit of breakfast then sauntered over to the Flatirons Athletic Club for my strength training. My day is going to be packed with a three hour ride, hour run, hour swim and most importantly hour and a half massage therapy :) I'll be tight on time so the swim will most likely be moved to Saturday and the run...well maybe a bit of skate skiing at a local park.

Keep it smooth...

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Glen said...

wow 3 hour bike hour run and hour swim sounds nice, need to get to that myself. Along with the rub also.