Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Lockerroom Etiquette

For those who know me well, they would say I am a pretty relaxed individual. Like most though I have a few pet peeves...people throwing cigarette butts from their car, abnoxious cell phone rings/tones and a few more. A good portion of my time is spent at a top shelf gym in Boulder called Flatiron Athletic Club ( Over the past couple of years I have noted some strange behavior within the walls of the lockerroom. In conversation with my training partners of the opposite gender I learned some of this activity is not exlusive to the men's lockerroom. Not being privy firsthand to the other side I trust what I am told. Allow me to share some of the awkward/unnecessary routines I have witnessed. You can decide for yourself whether it is acceptable or not...Shaving in the buff within the confines of the common sink area - crimminy, wrap a towel around your waist. Horking up snot rockets and launching them in the shower. Our shower area is military/penitentiary style - I do not enjoy hearing or walking through that mess. Have some courtesty. Hanging out and lying naked around the hottub - at least get your ugly arse in the hottub. Stretching with all exposed in the sauna - again proper protocol demands to not do groin stretches while sitting in the buff. Strutting from one end of the lockerroom to the other with no clothing - simply grab a towel and wrap things up. I can deal with some of the ridiculous language and made up bravado being thrown around, but guys please use some common freaking sense when in the lockerroom.

OK, now I feel better!

Keep it smooth...

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