Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What Is Your Motivation?

As an athlete commited to be my best in pursuit of excellence, I often find myself asking, "Why?" A simple question to answer...at times, yes, other times - when fatigued, sore, facing crummy weather - a bit more difficult. However, through my growing faith and development within my sport I have found my motivation: to glorify God with my efforts. Yes, I am driven to compete in representing my sponsors. Yes, I thrive on the individual competition triathlon presents. Yes, I want to podium so I can pay the bills & put food on the table. Yes, I get my butt out the door in single digit temps for a run because of a sense of ownership I have with my training. Yes, I train to be my best for Zane, my family & friends. First & foremost though I train to race for God's glory.

Power Bar encourages us to "Be Great."
Nike tells us to "Just Do It."
Gatorade asks us "Is It In You?"

God's gift to us is our potential. What we decide to do with it is our gift to God.

Keep it smooth...

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Cliff said...


Thanks for the reminder. All the work we do is not for us, but for Him.