Sunday, April 20, 2008

Recovery Week

I've been enjoying perhaps my best recovery week post the nine IM races I have completed with a few easy swims, one easy bike and a couple of hikes. Yesterday morning I ventured up the Chataqua Trail to the base of the 1st Flat Iron and watched the rock climbers do their thing. It was super cool and they make it look so easy! The pitch is quite steep and I heard reference to it being a 5.5 or 5.6, whatever that means. One guy went up solo sans any gear or rope...crazy...but he looked like Spiderman as he swiftly scaled up the face of the mountain and out of view. I plan on chatting with coach Z today about several things, including my upcoming race schedule. Coming into the season we talked about opening up the doors a bit and racing more, specifically with three IM events and ideally Kona being the third. I like both the courses at IMCDA and IMUSA and will toe the line at one of them. Sandwiched between the next two IM events will be a few 70.3's.

Stitches come out today :)

Keep it smooth...

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