Saturday, April 05, 2008

Close Call

The other day I realized the tax deadline is the 15th, the same day I travel back from Arizona. For some reason I was thinking I had until the 19th and planned on dealing with the paperwork post IMAZ. So, last night I hammered out the numbers on various forms...a great way to spend a Friday evening...well not so much. I figured I could drop the love letter to Uncle Sam in my outgoing mailbox as I rolled out for my ride this morning. Placing the envelope in the back pocket of my Team Sport Beans/NTTC wind jacket I made my way, except I forgot to stop at the mailbox. When I was about eight miles outside of Boulder I suddenly realized my brain fart. I quickly reached behind me and yep, the pocket was open. I immediately thought my tax return was somewhere flying around Boulder as the wind gusts screamed with an attitude from the mountains. Thank God! The enevelope was halfway sticking out my pocket. I stopped, zipped er' up and made a successful mail drop at the Hygiene Post Office about 40 miles into my ride.

Keep it smooth...

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Nate said...

Thanks for the pull for a little bit this morning. My name's Nate Low and I race on the CU Triathlon and Fleet Feet Triathlon team.

At first glance I thought you were Kirk Nelson, our head coach of CU Triathlon, but then noticed the bike. Anyway, it made me curious to find out who else was on the Team Sport Bean team in the Boulder area.

Thanks again for that short pull!