Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sick in Maui

Apparently the race really jacked my body. After arriving in Maui yesterday afternoon I have been holed up in a cozy condo with the chills, fever, cold sweats and aching throughout my body. Hopefully it is something of the 24 hour variety.

In reflecting on my 2007 season I would have to say it was perhaps my most challenging and frustrating year of racing. I definitely made more gains as evident from my training, but come race day no one is looking in the training log. Despite not having my ideal race in Kona, I know that performance does not define me as an athlete or person. I ran an IM marathon PR and given how my back was feeling I was pleased with that. My nutrition plan was solid as well and I never felt depleted or experienced any cramping.

Random, lucid thoughts I know, but that is where I am at the moment.

Keep it smooth...

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MarkyV said...

From part of the Boulder posse chillin' out on another island, Kauai to be exact, congrats on your race. I wish I could run like that! :)

Get well and I'll see ya back in Boulder. Nice job dude!