Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Big Island

Aloha from the big island of Kona!

My travels yesterday went as planned with no issues. It is great to be back in Kona and staying with my friend Joanne and her two little weiner dogs Lucy & Nani. Joanne lives in a new house since my visit in 2005 and it is conveniently located about five minutes from the airport. As I type I am kicking it on her lanai with my Kona coffee and enjoying the splendid view from her mountainside home which overlooks the lava fields and Pacific ocean.

Having sat on a plane for close to seven hours yesterday, I completed a little 20 minute shake-out run under the stars with a good stretch before calling it a night. My plan this morning is to venture into town and get in a good swim at the race site, hit the grocer store, build the bike for an easy spin along the Queen K and an easy run later this afternoon.

I brought my camera to document the beauty of the island, but wouldn't you know I forgot to bring the little cord to download to my computer...damn!

Keep it smooth...

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