Monday, October 08, 2007

Race Week Baby

Monday in Kona has seen a significant increase in activity as race week begins! Things were quite peppy at the Gatorade swim this morning. I enjoyed getting back in the ocean for an easy effort. This afternoon, well in about two hours actually, I move from Joanne's house into my condo at the Kona Reef. It has been super comfy kicking it at Joanne's mountainside home the past week and the new digs should be just as inviting! Last night I had dinner with a few friends in town and made a visit to our friend Carole who got her eggs scrambled pretty good two days ago while riding...two broken wrists, broken vertebrae and some minor road rash. Her sense of humor is uncanny though and I know she will be out and about within a couple of days. Funny thing is Carole is the coach for double amputee Scott Rigsby who is racing this weekend. Scott has no legs and Carole has two broken limbs. The weather continues to be somewhat cool with overcast skies. How about the craziness that took place at the Chicago Marathon yesterday...yikes! I have never heard of a marathon being cancelled like that with thousands of athletes still on the course.

The days leading up to Saturday will go quickly. Wednesday afternoon I was asked to speak at a local school which should be fun. Thursday is the pro race meeting and my typical two day pre-race day off. My parents and some friends will be rolling in throughout the week, but I'll pretty much keep a low profile and simply enjoy the atmosphere as the energy builds.

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KD said...


Wishing you the best of luck on Saturday. You'll be in my prayers. We'll be volleyballing it with LGD at her final tournament on Saturday so I will have to depend on others for phone updates.

I'm jealous of your trip and wish I was there :). Swim, bike & run like the wind! Love, K