Friday, October 05, 2007

Kona Mountain Coffee

The week has been rolling along in fine fashion. There has been a fair amount of cloud cover which has kept the temps reasonably "cool". The humidity is still a bugger though. My homestay is fan-freaking-tastic and just down the Queen K towards town is the recently opened Kona Mountain Coffee shop & store. Oh man, their coffee is soooo good and this week has been on sale for a buck! Best deal in town!! I saw several cronies at this morning's swim which was fun and this afternoon had an easy run. Along the Queen K is a state park called Kakolo National Park. It has a several "trails" which traverse a large lava field to the ocean and a couple of fish ponds. Well, I found a splendid dirt road down to a secluded beach with a short sandy trail. In addition to being on a soft surface (once off the lava rock trail) the sandy trail along the ocean offerred some shade :) The dirt road can be accessed from the Queen K, but it is unmarked. I doubt too many atheltes venture down it. If you are ever in Kona and have an easy run to complete, this is the place. Mums the word though!

Keep it smooth...

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MarkyV said...

Dude... I'm going to come run on your trail when I get there!!! :) Haha!!! :)