Saturday, September 09, 2006

Twas the Night Before IM Wisconsin...

I completed my final pre-race brick and feel realllllyyyy goood! The weather has been stellar here in Madison since arriving on Wednesday. A cold front came in during the night and temps on race day will be cool...predicted high of 63 with chance of some rain. I've got my arse covered either way with the right gear so the cooler weather really shouldn't be too big an issue. Cold and rain is not the ideal, but just got to roll with whatever it is.

I've had a great time the last few days with some training, eating and hanging with my Austin Zane, his wife Terra, her mother, friends Shelly & Joseph and a few others. Yesterday was my off day so I enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and relaxing at the hotel. I met up with Terra and a couple of friends for lunch (got to stay on top of the carbs and nutrition) before our pro meeting. As always, the meeting was highlighted by some rather dumb-ass questions. I know that sounds crass, but c'mon do we really need to debate the drafting zone or why we are starting 10 minutes ahead of the age groupers and not 15 minutes? Jeez, don't sweat the small stuff! After the meeting, Zane, Joseph and I went to see Invincible. What an awesome flick! Highly recommended.

Well, I need to get my gear bags and bike race ready! Check back post the race for a re-cap!

Keep it smooth...

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