Thursday, January 15, 2009

Road Kill Seasons

As I was enjoying a super ride today in the surprisingly still winds I noticed a lot of road kill of the shishka-bunny variety. Having been educated on wildlife behavior via an annual subscription to Ranger Rick from my grandmother when I was a kid, here's my highly trained observation on seasonal road kill in Boulder:

Spring - prarie dogs
Summer - snakes
Fall/Winter - rabbit

I am hooking up with my brother this weekend for some fun in the mountains. He has one of those cushy orthopaedic "medical conferences" in Vail...should be fun times with a bit of cross training in the mix.

Next week I am heading down to Tucson for a week of training and the ICTN annual camp. This is my first go with this training camp and I am excited to be part of it. I will be giving two presentations on mental toughness and 70.3/IM training & racing in addition to leading a few training sessions. My buddy Kirk & I will get in a couple of days training on our own pre & post the weekend camp. I have never trained in Tucson and I am looking forward to it!

Keep it smooth...


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