Tuesday, January 06, 2009

People of Influence

While riding today I saw a cow knawing on a plastic bottle and another enjoying the fine taste of some black plastic construction tarp. Hmm, what gives?? Well, I started thinking why would those cows be eating such unflavorable items when they could be grazing on lip-licking greens of the vast pasture?!? Did something or someone influence their decision...a lame attempt at some kind of intro to this post...

The other day I was thinking about all the incredible people in my life who have had some kind of positive influence. Perhaps you too have pondered such thoughts. Here are a few who came to my mind:

God - He has been smacking me upside my head for quite some time and I trust He will continue to be with me even when I stumble or choose not to listen :)

Mrs. Reutnik - my kindergarten teacher; she had the coolest toys in her class

Lona & Albert Ingraham - my grandparents on my mom's side of the family; Maine dairy farmers who had a work ethic like nobody's business; Granddad had a typical New Englander sense of humor and Grandmother could make a wicked tasting molasses cookie (along with so many other things - she was a freaking incredible cook :)

Maggie Zidar - 9th grade English teacher; she was one of my favorite high school teachers, inspired me to eventually teach high school English & she was a runner (still running as far as I know)

Tim Kring - kid on my high school soccer team; hearing impaired but that did not limit his ability to be one hell of a soccer player

Rob Mackle - he was summer swim team stud when I was knee-high to a grasshopper; saw him on tv one day racing IM and thought, damn I want to do that!

Barry Sanders - being a Detroit Lions' fan, Barry was pure entertainment when he would make opposing players look silly trying to tackle him; most importantly though I admired his humility and the way he carried himself on the field; the guy scored boat loads of td's and never once did you see him pound his chest, dance, etc. he would simply hand the ref the ball

Just a few of the folks who have left a mark with me.

Keep it smooth...


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