Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tuesday Tango

An absolutely stellar day for training in the Rocky Mountains with loads of sunshine and endless blue skies! I jump started my day with a solid track session...the last few weeks I've met up with some friends for track, but today went solo and opted to run on an old school crushed gravel track near my house. Comfy two mile warm-up, drills then right into the main set of 10x1K. The allergies have kicked in the last couple of days and after draining mi nose I set about running these efforts smooth, fluid, controlled and consistent with a bit of snap. Easy jog home for cool down and breakfast #2. Next up on the training plan are some hill repeats. Should be fun to play in the mountains today. Fortunately, I have the opportunity for a little downtime between the track and bike session. I'm a huge advocate of spacing one's training whenever possible, although I know it can be quite the balancing act when working a nine-to-fiver! This evening I have a speaking engagement for a group of middle school students so the time between workouts will be put to good use!

Congrats to my friends who turned in some impressive results over the weekend...JZ taking 1st at Eagleman 70.3, Matt Reed's 5th place at the ITU World Championships secured three spots for the US men at the upcoming Olympics, teammates Alexis Smith & Erin Ford were top 10 at Alcatraz and Erin Kummer, Ryan Ignatz & Will Kelsay rocked it in the Alabama Xterra.

Enjoy your day!

Keep it smooth...

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