Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Summer Luvin'

Mother Nature has decided to turn up the heat a bit and we've been enjoying some stellar weather with temps in the low to mid 80s :) On a few recent rides and runs I've noted the arrival of Sprummer: purple, yellow, orange & white wildflowers dotting the landscape, green everywhere, rising creek waters and a couple of active bulls looking for a bit of summer love in the fields. This is perhpas my favorite time of year in Boulder with the warm days and cool nights...perfect training/sleeping weather. It's also a great time to take advantage of the snow melt from the mountains and soak tired legs in the creek post a long ride/run. It's darn cold but feels sooo good on the muscles...not so good on other parts.

Last night I had a presentation for a parent group and will be speaking to their middle and high school students over the next couple of weeks. It was engaging to share dialogue with the parents and answer their questions about guiding their teens to a healthy lifestyle. Every two years the federal government and many local counties, including Boulder, perform what is called the Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS). The recent YRBS for Boulder indicated 1/5 teens are clinically depressed and admitted to intentionally harming themselves via cutting or burning. Quite disturbing and another indication of the need to provide today's youth with a healthy message for life.

My current training block has been great and I'm stoked for the upcoming BSLT 70.3 event in lovely Lubbock, TX. It promises to be an entertaining road trip with friends and exciting racing. This week is kind of chill as I'm getting some LT testing done at the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine. I always like the testing process and getting some firm data.

I'm hoping the Wings can earn another Stanley Cup with a win over the pesky Penguins tonight!

Thanks for checking in and keep it smooth...


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