Sunday, May 30, 2010

Beautiful Day for a Bike Race

scenic backdrop for the Morgul Bismarck road race
12% climb to the finish
It was a stellar morning for bike racing with cool temps and bit of wind on the course. Today's road race featured the return of the classic Coors Morgul Bismarck course with it's famed "Wall" to the finish. We actually had to climb up this bad boy four times during our three-loop affair. My goal was to hang towards the front and cover any major attacks while staying clean of any unfortunate encounters with the pavement. I consider the day a success with a hard 40 mile race which required some awareness and tactics as we began to mix with other categories on the second and third loops. The guys were quite chill for the most part as we hit the tight spots and corners with good communication within our front group. I went to the front on the second and third loop without an attempt to make a break, but simply spice things up a bit. Hitting the final climb up The Wall and the 12% grade to the finish I quickly realized a 39x21 was not going to be a winning combo. The legs were flooded with lactic acid over this final push and I can only imagine what kind of sufferring and pain is endured within the pro peloton. Fun way to spend my Sunday morning!
Keep it smooth...

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