Monday, May 10, 2010

Bag Balm is the Bomb

Having grandparents and extended family on my mom's side who are a group of hearty New England dairy farmers from coastal Maine, I was introduced to this magnificent salve at a young age. My grandmother used it on those tiny, but painful cracks in the skin around the fingertips during the cold Maine winters. My grandfather swore by it as a cure-all for just about anything and I surmise he would even put some on one of his classic sardine sandwiches if he had a toothache. Of course as a little kid visiting in the summer months I always got a good chuckle out of the mysterious green tin conveniently placed in the bathroom medicine cabinet.
Over the years I have tried numerous chamois butters and creams to soothe the sore bum and fight off those dreaded saddle sores. Several weeks ago I started using Bag Balm instead of my high-end chamois butter. To my surprise and delight it worked even better. Not only does it prevent chaffing, but it also prevents inflammation in areas you'd best not be inflamed. I have found it best used during rides and while sleeping.
Finding myself out of this super salve, I ventured to some of Boulder's finest stores in seek of a new tin. After stops at two Whole Foods, Sprouts & Vitamin Cottage I finally found it at Target. Thanks to the Whole Foods employee who steered me in the right direction on this. Even though you rolled your eyes and stated, "No we don't carry that product. We have a lot of people asking about it, but it is mass-produced and you won't find it at a health store like ours." Whatever dude, but thanks for telling me I might find it at a place like Walmart or Target.
Keep it smooth (espcially on the bum)...

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