Saturday, November 28, 2009

Prepping for Ultra Numero Uno

After a cozy break post IM and upon reading Born to Run I found myself with an inkling to run my first ultra. To spice up the off-season and see what the "dark side" is all about I will be throwing myself into the mix at the High Desert 50k next weekend. Okay, so it's a mini-ultra, only 5 miles beyond the marathon distance. I trusted source and friend encouraged me to check it out as it is very runner-friendly for one's first ultra being held on the forgiving terrain of the Mojave Desert. I am officially a desert rat as my friend told me upon delivering his high desert bandana as he won't be making the trek out to California this year. So I was expecting just one of those regular blue, black or red gansta-style bandanas. This one is race-specific with the course map on it just in case I get lost! It promises to be a fun experience topped with a speaking engagement for the local youth...what a blessing!

While I haven't been churning out any big miles, the race prep has included long runs of 1:30, 2:00 and just yesterday a cushy 3:05 mostly on trails. That was on the backside of burning my lungs at the Turley's Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving. I haven't touched my tt bike since IM aside from moving it so I could get to my mountain bike. It's been a hoot tooling around on the dirt roads and trails on the mountain bike and dusting off the road bike for the weekly Saturday Breakfast Ride out of Adrenaline.

Best wishes to mi amigos racing IMCozumel tomorrow!

Keep it smooth...


Caroline said...

Ultra marathon! How awesome!
A little birdie told me you've been quite entertaining to watch on the mountain bike ;) hehe. Keep enjoying the off season!

Kurt said...

Keep it up Brad...see you next weekend....I hope drunken santa shows up