Sunday, November 08, 2009

Fall Freedom

Since the early dumping of snow two weeks ago the weather has been nothing but stellar! I relish this time of year as it allows my mind & body to recover while enjoying the trails around Boulder. I am a big fan of having a period of unstructured or very loosely strucutred training as a pre-cursor to early season base training. After taking about 2.5 weeks completely off from activity after IM Coach Z has encouraged me to stay active while enjoying some freedom from the power meter, tt bike, swim clock, Garmin, etc. It's been a blast to get out on my mountain bike and hit up the trails for some fun rides & runs with friends. I am a really BAD mountain biker so the time on the trails is great for my handling & pedaling skills. So far I've managed to keep it upright...damn maybe I shouldn't have written that...During this phase I like to take a break from the masters scene...not that I don't like those people or the entertainment Dave Scott can provide, but it's good to slow things the hell down and work on my aquatically-challenged swim form. Did I mention how sweet the weather has been!?! I'll throw in some hikes before the serious snow arrives and then spice up the training with skate skiing & snowshoeing.

Hope you are making the time to enjoy life with family & friends. Get your bum outdoors and explore some roads and trails you typically pay no attention to while hammering through a set of intervals...c'mon you know you want to!

Keep it smooth...

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