Sunday, March 15, 2009

Team Sport Beans/NTTC Team Camp 2009

I returned this evening from our team camp hosted by Jelly Belly at their world headquarters in Fairfield, CA. It was a stellar weekend filled with team orientation, distribution of 2009 training/racing apparel, media stuff, swim/bike/run sessions, Napa winery tours, incredible meals, fun schwag and of course loads of laughter. My roommate for the weekend was Ben Hoffman (Durango, CO & about 15 years my junior) which was great since we both enjoyed the NCAA conference tourneys that were being played.
Tammie, Stephanie & Rob from Jelly Belly along with our team Director Mark once again rolled out the red carpet for us in serving up top shelf attention to detail, a shopping spree at the Jelly Belly store (I won't tell you which teammate's tally was close to $500), winery tours in Napa and gourmet meals! In addition to the administrative items and team orientation we were able to get in some fun group training sessions. The power of the Sport Bean was working it's magic in getting us unlimited, free access to the 24 Hour fitness center a stone's throw from our hotel.
The pictures are from the tour we did Saturday afternoon visiting two different wineries. It was a hoot and one of them included an essence tasting. Basically, the wine guy had several bottles for us to sample along with about 14 different items with varied scents ranging from fruits to spices. The trick was trying to dertermine which aroma one could smell in each wine sample. It was quite interesting and in the process I was "bean boozeled" by a few teammates. Ladies, just know that I can be quite sly with my paybacks! More pics to follow as others forward me their shots.
Keep it smooth...

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Caroline said...

So you stocked up at the Sports Bean store, huh?!?! Pack lots in those bags when you head out to San Diego....yummmmm! haha. Looking forward to seeing you.